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Detox and Breakthrough Secrets Behind The 21 Day Daniel Fast

04-secret-3-detoxify-your-body-with-delicious-fat-burning-smoothies-800x445The Daniel Fast is based on the biblical scriptures which were followed by Daniel, who chose not to eat the royal food that was served by the King, but only vegetables and water. The same spirit was incorporated by Dr. Leyhem, the natural treatment follower, to treat diabetes and named it Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle. When breakfast cereals are eaten at tables across all countries, people assume that they have a healthy start in their mornings, however, though people might believe that this might just as well be a healthy start in their pleasant morning, but in reality it is laden with sugary additives and refined sweets. This program creates boundaries to your food choices to combat the threats of Diabetes. Click here to know about diabetes, its complications and treatment adopted today.

Fresh Fruits And Veggies – Core Content
The Program of 21 Days goes in a much systematic procedure. Fasting solely means that you will restrict certain foods that you wish for the entire 21 days of your fast. Many literatures suggest the recipe for the program. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, oils, bread and its products, seeds, nuts etc are applicable to the fast menu. Water is the only beverage allowed.
All whole grains like amaranth, barley, brown rice, oats, millet and whole wheat are recommended. Moreover, nuts and seeds, rich in proteins, come in various forms like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and so on.

Don’ts During The Fast
All meat and animal products are restricted. For instance, beef, eggs, lamb, poultry and pork are to be avoided. All dairy products, butter, cheese, cream, milk and yogurt are not recommended. The sweeteners or additives, sugar syrup, stevia etc. cannot be included in your food. Deep fried food like corn, French fries and all refined and processed food stuffs are completely excluded. Those artificial flavours additives, chemicals and preservatives are denied too.

Fasting is a blessing in disguise
Improving a person’s diabetic problem not only gives physical, psychological and emotional well being, but also has beneficial side effects too. That means, it promotes weight loss and traces out the negative symptoms of ill health of the person. The benefits which were proved from various case studies include detoxification, lessening of digestive troubles, improved BP and Cholesterol, enhanced concentration and combat depression, cravings for food and hunger is lowered with better energy levels on the contrary. The diabetes is improved, which is the major benefit from this cost effective program. There are proof for people who had a reduced fluid retention and excessive night time micturition. Apart from that, hair and nail strength, hot flushes, insomnia are all treated with this pack. Immunity is enhanced to a considerable rate. The good health is renewed and maintained with that of the previous experiences. Most of our vital organs are stimulated with this pack. It aids in the faster healing and recovery from illness. The person’s stamina is also enhanced and so is the spirituality. Disappearance of tiredness and fatigue is another indication of achieving best results with performance.