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The Kind Of Alcohol Which Is Fit For Every Occasion

People find out excuses for drinking. Any occasion in their life, and they want a good glass of drink to dance it over and celebrate its occurrence. It can be the first anniversary or the wedding itself, birthday parties or a promotion party. Every occasion demands a special kind of drink. Grammercy Bar and kitchen is very helpful in celebrating the right kind of occasion with the right kind of drink. After getting a brief idea from people are split for choices. Options are also available in plenty, so it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

When you are in a dilemma as to what to order for a drink, whether a gin, beer or whiskey, sometimes you might end up in ordering the wrong drink, especially if it is the first time you are trying it out. The entire chance of enjoying a good drink may be lost. Before going ahead and selecting a drink, drink enthusiasts should involve themselves in a bit of research so that a well earned opportunity is never lost.

For A Sunday Brunch
A Bloody Mary will be the perfect to complement your Sunday brunch. To go with the pancakes, mimosa and bellini, the Bloody Mary is perfectly salty, strong and acidic additive.

For A High School Prom Party
Enjoying that first taste of forbidden alcohol, from hidden corners or taken out from your dad’s stock, is always enjoyed with a bottle of beer. Some prefer it warm, whereas others go for the chilled beer.

First Date
If you have decided that you will be meeting that special someone, make sure you greet him or her with a drink the first time, a simple mixed drink is your ideal choice. This could either be a gin or a tonic. For the second shot, beer is perfect. One thing should be kept in mind, the situation must not go out of the hand or something strong should be taken to get rid of the initial apprehensions.

New Year Celebrations
New Year is that time of the year, which everyone eagerly waits for. Everyone likes to welcome the New Year with a lot of celebrations and parties, of which drinks are essential components. The best drink for this occasion would be a bottle of champagne shared with your friends and family.

Frat Party
A Solo Cup, filled with beer is the perfect for this day along with a game of polo.

Each year your birthday marks a milestone of how far you have come. Celebrate it with a drink in your hand and family by your side. When you face a doubt as to what you should go for in your birthday, order a margarita. If you drink enough of it, you will really enjoy the birthday party.

A Night In
If you have just decided to celebrate any night of your life, with romantic interceptions or break up wallows, red wine is your ultimate friend.

A Bachelorette Party
The last day with your friends before you get married, is indeed a day to be celebrated. Long Island Ice Tea is the perfect for this occasion.

Bridal Shower
If you are in the midst of a bridal shower which you wanted to give a miss, mimosa would help you overcome the boredom.