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First Climbing Shoes – Tips On How To Choose

Without a doubt as a first timer in rock climbing, purchasing climbing shoes can be a big task. While finding shoes for climbing unlike your regular daily shoes, approximate size will not work. Every climbing shoes have a unique shape and size. The primary task is to find a shoe that suits your foot for the climbing you plan to undertake. Another daunting task is to know where to get beginner climbing shoes. Whatever or wherever you plan to buy experts at suggests not to buy the first pair of shoes you see. Rock climbing shoes is a major gear which affects the way you climb, so a little extra effort in getting the right pair is worth it.

Below are a few tips that you should consider while buying your first pair of climbing shoes

Get the snug size: There is a belief among climbers that the size of shoes should be a bit smaller than you usually wear. Most climbers squeeze their feet to fit into smaller size rock shoes which can be quite painful. Comfort is the most important aspect of rock climbing shoe. Go for a fit which sits snugly but comfortably. Wearing tiny shoes can be quite painful, and you might even quit climbing due to wearing the wrong shoes.
Few points to find the right fit.

The shoe should have a snug fit all around your feet. Make sure you have no air pockets in the shoe.
The fit should be such that you should not be pulling the laces or well Velcro now and then as some shoe stretch.
The fit around the ankle and Achilles tendon is comfortable. Buy shoes which are not too high on the ankle.
If you have narrow feet, buy a shoe with low volume.
Some rock shoes stretch over time, check if the shoe you are buying is likely to extend and make your choice accordingly.

Try before buying one: If you plan to buy shoes online, think again. You may get it cheaper online, but the size may not be the right one for you. If you are new to climbing and you have never worn climbing shoes before head out to the nearest store and try a pair of shoes before you buy one.

Buy from a specialty store: Buy your shoes from a store where they have adequate knowledge of rock shoes. Also look for a store which has a range of shoes and sizes to choose. A store which sells climbing gear is the best place to buy as there are specialists who can advise on getting the right fit for your feet.

Size varies: Rock shoes vary in size from one brand and model to other. So it becomes utmost important to try before you buy.

Soft or hard: Some people prefer to wear soft, some prefer it hard. It depends on the kind of climbing you plan to undertake. A hard shoe tends to give more support on edgy footholds and is better to stand on small holds. A softer one is good for standing on sloppy holds.